Damien Sedgwick

Fullstack Engineer

About Me

I am a dedicated full-stack developer with a profound commitment to ongoing learning and a focus on creating innovative solutions. My professional background is marked by a consistent pursuit of knowledge and the application of cutting-edge technologies to drive project success.

Currently, I am actively involved in several projects, where I leverage my skills to explore and integrate emerging technologies, ensuring that my work remains at the forefront of industry advancements.


I am currently working on a project in my spare time called Floop with the goal of bringing a easy to use, data rich feedback platform that other products and platform providers can use to capture their user feedback and make informed, data lead decisions.

Open Source Software

In my spare time, I actively contribute to open source software projects, reflecting my commitment to supporting collaborative initiatives. Below is a curated selection of the projects to which I have contributed, underscoring my dedication to advancing shared knowledge and fostering community-driven development.


I also share my insights by publishing articles on the DEV Community. This platform serves as a space where I contribute valuable content and engage with the developer community, fostering knowledge-sharing and meaningful discussions. You can read my most recent posts below.